Saturday - 8:15am

Yoga is for everyone. We offer a variety of classes for every level and style.

Walk in's welcome.

Monday - 8:30am

Friday - 8:30am


Available Classes

Tuesday - 6:30pm

Thursday - 6:30pm

Pilates Reformer Training

Group or Private sessions based by appointment. 

Call/Text  - 631-466-8602

Monday- 9:45am (with Beverly)

Thursday- 9:45am (with Lynn)

Friday- 9:45am (with Beverly)

Saturday- 10:15am (with Lynn)

Thursday - 8:30am


Saturday- 9:00am

Tuesday- 8:30am

Thursday- 5:00pm

Body Sculpt                   
Starting with a light cardio warm up                                    
followed by weights for upper & lower body      
conditioning. Floor & Ab work for a full body      
Classic step choreography with cardio building           
segments to burn fat and increase endurance.             
Repeater segments and lunges. The addition of              
weights, ball & floor work. Ending with great            

Cardio KickBoxing
Increase cardio endurance, strengthen & 
conditioning with jabs, punches, kicks 
& floor work. 
 Pilates Mat                              
A sequence of core exercises to lengthen & strengthen
all major muscle groups to increase flexibility,  Using 
Bands, Pilate Rings, Balls, and Mats. 
Modifications for all levels. 
An ancient practice of  Hatha Yoga for increased flexibility
and overall wellness to help create a healthy mind, body
& spirit.  Restorative Yoga Practice